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I am cultural photographer and doctoral candidate currently based inJohannesburg, South Africa.  Over the years, my travels took me across many countries and continents, diverse cultures and environments, experiences that allowed me to fully understand, and appreciate diverse beauty of our planet. Focus of my photography is to capture and document tribal heritage, everyday humanity, personal stories which inspire me to live and travel with depth and purpose. My assignments involve both freelance work and collaborations with various NGOs. I use my education and expertise to raise health awareness, support human rights, conservation efforts, and empower most vulnerable and less privileged members of our societies.


  • Dodho Magazine, July 2017
  • Chiiz Magazine, June 2017
  • Silvershotz, May 2017
  • Dodho Magazine, April 2017
  • The Matador, April 2017
  • Dodho Magazine, March 2017
  • The Matador, March 2017
  • Sawubona, February 2017
  • The Getaway Magazine, December 2016
  • Responsible Traveller Magazine, November 2016
  • The Fernweh Collective Magazine, October 2016
  • Photographers without Borders, Issue 5, January 2016
  • Yokkao Boxing, 2012-2013
  • Warriors Of The Mongkon, 2012
  • Muay Siam Magazine,  2012

International Photography Awards (IPA)

  • 1st place in Extreme Sports, 2015
    Winning entry “Muay Thai the art of eight limbs”
  • Honorable Mention in People Category: Culture, 2015
    Winning entry “Life of a Mentawai Tribe”.
  • Honorable Mention in Home Category: Perception, 2015
    Winning entry “Keeper of the rain forest.”
  • Honorable Mention in Family of Man, 2016
    Winning entry “Medicine Man”


Johannesburg,  2016 -ongoing  

  • The Gavin Project Gallery, Maboneng Precinct

San Francisco, 2015-2016

  • Artspan at SOMA
  • One World at Merchants of Reality Gallery
  • Skulls, Skin and Tissue at Menagerie Gallery


  • World Photography Organization
  • ArtSpan San Francisco SOMA
  • ArtSlant
  • Merchants of Reality San Francisco
  • Matador Travel

NGO work

  • Photographers Without Borders
  • Survival International
  • Tackle Africa
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