Aga is a photographer based in the USA, and her work focuses mainly on documentary photojournalism, conservation, and preservation of heritage sites, indigenous tribes, and their rituals. In addition, she actively supports human rights and conservation efforts.

Aga’s professional journey began with travel and sports photography while she lived in Thailand. Muay Thai was one of her many passions, and when she was presented with the opportunity to document Muay Thai fights, she didn’t think twice about it and had the best time of her life doing it. Aga traveled extensively during her life in SE Asia, had many adventures, and met many fascinating people. Eventually, a few years later, her journey took her to Indonesia and South Africa.

Aga’s passion for photography and travel is shared with her love for science, as she spends most of her time trying to cure people and the planet. Aga actively supports human rights movements, environmental protection, and conservation efforts.

Aga’s assignments involve both freelance work and collaborations with various NGOs. In addition, she aims to portray the people she photographs in the most powerful and meaningful way one can achieve while making a difference in the communities she meets.

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