Aga Szydlik is a highly accomplished photographer specializing in cultural, documentary, and environmental photography. She has a deep passion for exploring the world and immersing herself in the cultures she documents, capturing the essence of diverse societies.

Her photography is focused on understanding and documenting the rich cultural heritage of various tribes and their rituals while also exploring how these traditions intersect with modern and traditional knowledge. Aga’s work has been  exhibited and published internationally, and she is particularly interested in alternative printing processes, large-format photography, and analog photography.

Aga started her professional career in Thailand as a fight photographer, where she developed a passion for Muay Thai. Later, she moved to Indonesia and South Africa for new experiences. Aga works with different NGOs and as an independent contributor, aiming to capture the essence of the people she photographs in a powerful and meaningful way. She actively supports human rights movements, environmental protection, and conservation efforts.

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